The Ballerina Bows

Welcome to the Ballerina Bows

Hey, I’m Casey, the ballerina whose bun is never without a bow. As a professional ballet dancer, I have a love for all things that this amazing art form encompasses. However, there is so much that goes into creating those shining moments on the stage. You need to feel confident both on and off the the stage. A large part of this confidence comes from looking and feeling your absolute best. That’s why I’ve found that balancing a dancer’s budget with having the best warm ups, leotards, and beauty products is so impactful to a dancer’s self esteem. Plus, I’ve worked to become certified in Nutrition & Healthy Living from Cornell University. I love sharing my knowledge to help others fuel and exercise at home to increase success in the studio. So whether it’s seeking advice for the perfect stage makeup, effective diet & cross-training tips, or shopping for your in-studio look, I’ve got you covered! Check out all my beauty, fashion, fitness, and health tips, all wrapped up in a bow.

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow