My Eating Guide + Recipe Book

If my many years of dancing and now earning my nutritional certification from Cornell has taught me anything it’s that food is fuel! However, I always found it difficult to relate the average nutritional information to the ballet world. Most of the aspiring ballerinas spend their day in one of the most unforgiving outfits : a leotard and tights and wanting to look fabulous in it! That’s why I’m so excited to share and make available my new Eating Guide & Recipe Book for dancers, to help increase education about how to use food to fuel your body in a way that fits a dancer needs and lifestyle in both how you look and more importantly, how you feel!

Eating Guide

This guide is all about breaking down the many different food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, fruits, and fats. It breaks down all the nutritional benefits, the recommended servings sizes, and I give examples of each. I emphasize the importance of hydration and how much H2O you need is discussed. Also, highlighted is the nutritional needs of most dancers that are often overlooked and share what key vitamins and minerals are essential for dancer! Plus the guide provides some healthy & fun ways to add some excitement to your meals, through condiments, easy meal & snack ideas, and the break down of different popular grab-&-go foods.

Eating Guide

Recipe Book

Everyone wants easy, delicious meals but dancers also need food that fuels their body before exercise & replenishes their body afterwards. I’ve always loved cooking & baking and over the years I’ve collected a number of go-to recipes that fit my sweet or savory cravings, my body’s energy needs, and my busy schedule. So I figured why not share it? This recipe book is full of over 20 ideas for breakfast, snacks, sweets, lunch, and also contains options for vegetarians, pescatarians, & vegans. Each recipe includes a break down of what macronutrients it provides.

Recipe Book

How to get Your Own

You can get one or both of these awesome resources in either a paper copy or a pdf simply by sending a quick email to Get more information on the Get in Touch + Shop page. You won’t regret it!

Love, Casey

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