Getting to Know: Luckyleo Dancwear

There are so many incredible brands involved in the ballet world! I’m so excited that so many of them have agreed to be involved in a series of blogs I’m starting called: Getting to Know! In each blog, I’ll highlight some of the amazing brands and share my Q&A’s with each of them. To kick things off is none other than Luckyleo Dancewear! Lead by sisters Chelsea Early and Heather Walker, Luckyleo is known for making one-of-a-kind dancewear that is stylish, distinct, and made with care.

Elegance Style Leotard by Luckyleo Dancewear Photo by Caileigh Gold Photography

1. How did you both get involved in the danceworld?

Both Chelsea and I started ballet at around age 4-6, after our parents did a lot of research to find the best ballet school in our area!

2. When and why was Luckyleo Dancewear created?

After our professional dance careers both ended within about a year of each other due to serious injuries, we teamed up in 2015 to start Luckyleo Dancewear. We are both completely self taught in all areas, including sewing! We started out cutting, sewing, and shipping every Luckyleo, and now 5 years later we are an awesome team of 14!

Each product is shipped in 100% recycled, recyclable, and reusable packaging & wrapped in their signature brown paper tied with a bow!

3. What are your most popular items?

It’s tough to say, because we are always coming out with new products and prints that our customers love! I’d have to say new customers really love our ready to ship Hand Painted Allure leotards, because they are a super easy and fun way to get hooked on some of our most loved prints!

Moon Style Leotard in Prussian Bows by Luckyleo Dancewear Photo by Caileigh Gold Photography

4. What are your favorite products to make?

Everyone here at the workshop loves when we come up with something new and fresh. It could be a new print, or perhaps a new style, but I’ve found my favorite tends to always be our newest release because it’s so exciting to see the creation process!

5. Are there any new products/styles/prints coming out that you want us to keep an eye out for?

We are very excited to be working on expanding our nude color selection in both Mesh & Spandex soon! We now have the machinery to print our own colors and fabrics in house, which means we can offer a more inclusive and welcoming selection of nude colors without being restricted by our supplier’s selection and minimums!

Flare Style Leotard in Almond Camellia Print & Ivory Mesh by Luckyleo Dancewear Photo by Caileigh Gold Photography

Check them out!

It was such an honor to communicate with this dynamic duo. I absolutely adore each of my Luckyleo creations, from their ready-to-wear line, scrunchies, face masks, and my custom leotards! You can check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. Plus shop their website, by clicking on any of the pictures in this blog or by going to: .

Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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