I’m a Dance Supplies Brand Ambassador!

I’m so thrilled to finally share that I am a 2020-2021 Dance Supplies Brand Ambassador! Now that it’s official, I get to tell you all about how how I was selected and why I’m so excited to be a part of this fantastic company.

How it Happened?

This past June, my go-to dance supply shop announced that they were searching for their first class of brand ambassadors. They wanted individuals who not only passionate about dance and dance products but also had a strong enough social media presence in order to share and promote their favorite products that help them in the world of dance. Of course, I wanted to be involved! For this past first year of launching The Ballerina Bows page and now releasing the website and blog, my love for sharing my tips, tricks, and ballet favorites with all of you has only grown! So becoming an ambassador seemed like a perfect fit, and I’m so fortunate that the leaders of Dance Supplies thought so too!

Why DanceSupplies is awesome!

DanceSupplies.com is a leading national supplier of dance products, like dance shoes, pointe shoes, tights, leotards, training aids, and accessories. Plus, all of these items are at the best prices! There are so many incredible brands available like Ballet Rosa, BLOCH, Russian Pointe, Capezio, Eurotard, Sansha, Suffolk, Ainsliewear , and many more. They will definitely have anything a dancer needs, whether you are a beginner or a professional like me!

DanceSupplies Ambassador Announcement

Why I’m excited ( and you should be too!)

Dance Supplies simply has my favorite products for my ballet needs! Whether it’s ballet or pointe shoes, hair supplies, or even training tools, I use them all! Now as an ambassador, it’s even easier to share with all of you the tools I use that led me to successfully becoming and performing as a company ballet dancer. I’ll be giving products reviews , sharing my favorite brands, and helping y’all find awesome deals on your dance necessities.

Some of my favorite products from DanceSupplies.com

So Keep Your Eye Out

Make sure to stay tuned for all that I’ll be sharing, posting, reviewing from Dance Supplies both here, on my other “The Ballerina Bows” account and my personal accounts . This is in addition to my regular post of my favorites in ballet beauty, fashion, health & fitness.

Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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