Back to Dance!

This time of year looks different then in the past years . Whether you’re a student or professional, dancing online or in the studio, getting everything you need to go back to dance during this season is more important than ever! Here are some of my must-haves items!


Having the right footwear is ESSENTIAL. My go-to flat ballet slippers are BLOCH’s Performa Adult Ballet Slippers. I always get so many compliments on these and it’s no surprise. They’re made from a stretch canvas fabric which allows to shape to your arch and toes beautifully. Plus they feature shock absorbing heel cushioning (which is extremely helpful especially if you’re dancing at home virtually). I cannot recommend them enough and carries them at an incredible price.

Bloch Ballet slippers
BLOCH’s Performa Adult Ballet Slippers


Ripped tights are not the way to start on the right foot! Investing in a quality pair of tights can actually improve the look of your leg line (and honestly, what dancer doesn’t want that!?). It’s all about finding the ones that are made with good fabric (not too thick they add bulk or so thin that they easily tear) also want a great shape (preferably ones that fit well around the toes & heel and not ultra tight on the waist). I have been loving my Capezio Professional Mesh Transition Tights with Mock Seam. They have semi-opaque mesh fabric, a transition opening that allows a full foot coverage or a footless look, and a one inch plush elastic waistband. Also, *pro-tip* the mock seam in the back helps make your legs look longer! carries these tights along with a wide variety to choose from, so you’re sure to find a favorite for a killer price.

Capezio Ballet Tights
Capezio Professional Mesh Transition Tights


This time of year many dancers are in search of leotards that adhere to their studio’s dress code. However, even as a professional , I find it important to always invest in a simple solid color leo because they go with almost anything & they have classic elegance that’s irreplaceable. has a huge selection of leotards from name brands such as Ballet Rosa, Russian Pointe, Bloch and Ainsliewear they come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. You will definitely find more than one that you will feel beautiful in. I also really recommend checking out Luckyleo for their Classics collection. It’s full of all black leotards in each of their unique styles, like Dart, Moon, Eclipse, and my personal favorite Elegance. The brand Class In Dancewear was the first brand to allow dancers to custom create their leotards, which is definitely a fantastic option. Plus, they have a variety of leotards that come in solid, print, or with embroidery. Class In is currently promoting a selection of products that are at a special price option so you can get a great quality product at a great price. Lastly, you can never go wrong with Elevé Dancewear. This brand has a huge selection of styles in their custom style leotards. So if you have a dress code to follow you can design your own look in the shapes, cuts, and colors that you are allowed to wear. I’ve always been a huge fan of their Allison Style leotard , it’s dress code approved, comes in a variety of solid colors (including black), and flatters every single body type!

The Ballerina Bows
Elevé Dancewear Allison Style Leotard in Black Photo by Caileigh Gold Photography


A simple solid black skirt is a ballet staple! You will have a lot of luck by checking out selection of skirts in multiple brands and styles. Whether you want Balanchine style or a wrap skirt, they’ve got you covered! Some of my favorite brands for a short Balanchine/SAB style skirt also include Bullet Pointe and Abiligal Menzter. For a wrap skirt Luckyleo, Rubiawear, and Toitoitoi Designs will definitely have some of the colors and skirt length options you are looking for. Mesh skirts have definitely been high in popularity, and Elevé Dancewear, Moore Skirts, Epaulement Designs have them in droves! With these incredible options, you are bound to find a perfect skirt (or 2 or 3 or 5!).

Black Ballet skirts
Selection of Black Skirts from Bullet Pointe, Luckyleo, & MooreSkirts

So Get Shopping!

Hopefully these tips will help you find exactly what this year of training requires. I feel being prepared and presenting my self in the best possible way always helps me feel more confident in my dancing. And let’s me honest, so much of success in ballet comes from having the mental confidence and strength. So get shopping and prepped for all this dance season has in store!

Ballet Slippers and Tights
Capezio Professional Mesh Transition Tights & BLOCH’s Performa Adult Ballet Slippers
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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