Getting to Know: Luciole Dancewear

Get to Know Luciole Dancewear

I’m having WAY too much doing these Q&A’s with the owners of multiple of my favorite dance related companies and businesses. Each of their backgrounds, inspirations, and products are so unique, but are still brought together by the amazing dance/ballet community. I hope y’all are loving this Getting to Know series as much as I am. This time it’s all about Luciole Dancewear. The brand’s owner, Emily, is so incredibly sweet and I absolutely loved getting to know her and I know you will too!

Luciole Dancewear
Luciole Dancewear

1. How did you get involved in the dance world?

My great grandmother was a dancer! When she was 16 she snuck out of the house to audition for The Rockettes and she got in! But when they found out she was only 16 she was asked to leave. So I guess I came by dance naturally! When I was four I BEGGED my parents to take me to dance class and they agreed! I went once and had a blast. The next time we went I refused to go inside and I said to my mom, “Yeah, I did it once.” So we took a break and after a year I started again, and the rest is history! Now I am 21 and I couldn’t imagine my life without dance!

2. When and why was Luciole Dancewear created?

When everything was shut down due to the pandemic I was about halfway through my second semester of my Junior year at The University of The Arts. When we were sent home, all of our performances had to be reimagined. I had the opportunity to design costume concept sketches for a work by Helen Pickett. I totally fell in love with it. I have always been really into visual art. I took 2 art classes every year in high school, so the idea of designing and creating dance attire, kind of combined two of my favorite things! I officially started around the second week of May and I have been so amazed by the great responses I have received.

Luciole Dancewear Scrunchies
Luciole Dancewear Merlot Scrunchie

4. What are your favorite products to make?

Our ‘Blush’ color has definitely been by far the most popular! All of our skirts are made in this great, lightweight, four-way stretch material. It is so comfy but at the same time flows so well and gives the same look as a chiffon skirt. Very elegant!

4. What are your favorite products to make?

I think our skirts are actually my favorite to make! I have finally gotten down the process to a fine tuned method. I feel like each time I make them I get even quicker. It’s so great at the end when I finally see the finished product come together. I love that they are handmade too, because each skirt will be slightly different for each person. Each skirt is unique! It’s even better when dancers send me photos of them in their skirt! Seeing your dreams come to life is possibly one of the coolest things! (even though I love making the skirts, I was SO excited to start making the totes! It’s so nerve wracking to screen print them by hand but I love it!)

Luciole Dancewear
They beautifully package each product!

5. Are there any new products/skirts styles or colors coming out that you want us to keep an eye out for?

Ah! Great question! I will be adding seasonal/ holiday colors sometime in September or October that I am so excited about. There will probably be an orange, dark green, red and maybe a deep yellow or icy blue! I am also in the process of designing a new skirt and possibly offering a few colors in shorter lengths! Also! Get ready for some great holiday sales!

Luciole Dancewear Mint Skirt
Luciole Dancewear Mint Skirt

Check them out!

Definitely head over and see some of the Luciole Dancewear products. I’m so in love with my beautiful Mint skirt, the color and the way it flows is so delicate and elegant. Emily has a wide variety of colors and shades that you are sure to find one to at to your dancewear collection. Plus their are numerous other products available on their website. So get shopping!

Love, Casey

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