My Ballerina Bun Hair Must Haves

My Ballerina Bun Hair Must Haves

The most often question or tutorial request I get is about my hair! So I figured why not share the products and process I use for creating my perfect ballerina bun. These are the tools and items that I have found work best for me, all while being affordable on a ballet budget ( especially nowadays). Links to each items can be found by clicking on their photos or in the italicized words in the blog below. So getting reading!

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo​
Elizabeth James Nirvana Dry Shampoo
Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo​
Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

Hair Prep

It’s super important to make sure that you hair has texture and volume before starting your bun. I like it when my hair isn’t plastered to the top of my head but instead has a softness to it, along with some height. Plus, the more texture your hair has the easier it will be to get your hair into a bun and the less likely your bun will fall out. With all that being said, I almost always prep my hair with texturizing dry shampoo. My two favorites are Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo and Elizabeth James Nirvana Not Dry Shampoo (I usually opt for the coconut scented because who doesn’t want their head to smell like an Almond Joy!?). The amount you need depends on your hair type. Since I have wavy hair I usually don’t need too much, just a bit around my scalp but if you have thinner, straighter, and/or more slicker hair I recommend using a good amount or even lightly curling your hair prior to putting it up.

Bloch Hair Kit
Bloch Hair Kit

Clip, Pin, & Twist

As far as putting my hair back, I tend to do either a high bun with a classic pulled back ponytail or I like to do a bun with my hair parted with twist on either side. I love using Goody’s Snap Hair Clips to pin my twist on each side. Then once my hair is in a ponytail then I twist my hair to shape my bun and my absolute favorite way to pin it is with Twist Bun Pins . You literally just screw two or three them into your bun and trust me they work! But if you’re a Bobby pin lover I definitely recommend getting a Bloch Hair Kit because it comes with hair ties, pins, and hairnet all in a small, portable container. Usually, you only need a few Bobby pins to keep your hair in place it’s nice to have the container to store them in, along with a few extra that the kit provides you with just in case! Also, a really good hack for preventing your Bobby pins from coming out is to actually pin them upside, with the bumpy side facing down. The ridges being closer to your scalp make them far less likely to slip off! Lastly, for those of you who want to have multiple clip options, Dance Supplies also has a wide variety of other hair pins so you can shop till you find the ones that you like most!

Bunhead ​Hairnets
Bunhead Hairnets

Keep it in Place

Once you have your hair back and in a bun, go the extra step and make sure that it stays that way. I use a Bunhead Hairnets because they smooth down any fly away hairs around my bun and they blend into hair super well. They are practically transparent, so you’ll hardly notice that it’s there! To finish off, use hairspray and the best is : Freeze It Mega Freeze Hairspray . It is truly the perfect balance of being strong enough to hold your hair in balance but still allows your hair to look and feel soft and smooth. Trust me, there’s nothing I cannot stand more than crunchy, hard helmet hair that comes with using terrible hairspray. Plus, Freeze It Mega Freeze Hairspray is usually one of the least expensive hairspray on the market. So I can’t recommend it enough!

Freeze It Hairspray
Freeze It Hairspray


The last part is my favorite: accessories! Obviously, I have a bow obsession so a tiny bow underneath my bun (that matches my leotard of the day, of course!) is my simple way to jazz up my bun. However, I totally understand not everyone is on the bow bandwagon so some other really good options are some of the accessories you can find on Dance Supplies . Plus, many dancewear lines make scrunchies like Luckyleo Dancewear and Luciole Dancewear. Also, another fun tip is to order a beautiful skirt from Moore Skirts and each skirt is wrapped with a beautiful piece of thin mesh material. Occasionally, I will actually use that mesh to make an adorable headband. So you have an excuse to order a gorgeous skirt plus get a hair accessory, it’s a win win!

Moore Skirts
Moore Skirts Mesh Tie
Luckyleo Scrunchies ​
Luckyleo Scrunchies

All done!

I hope you find this blog helpful if your struggling with your updo or if you want extra tips for making your hair look camera ready daily. Also, if you want more of a visual aid here click on this link : Basic Bun Hair Tutorial to watch my basic ballet bun tutorial! Let me know what products you are going to try, which you want me to test out, and if you want me to do another blog like for having your hair down and curled! Until then, keep dancing bunheads!

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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