Getting to Know: Moore Skirts

I cannot believe that this is the already the fourth addition to the Getting to Know blog series! This series is all about sharing my favorite dance-related businesses & companies, discussing their backgrounds, learning about the products they create, and highlighting way they are so awesome for dancers. I’m thrilled that this edition is all about Moore Skirts. Led by Brooke Moore, Moore Skirts produces a plethora of handmade ballet skirts in a variety of different colors, styles, and lengths. I loved getting to know more about Brooke and the history of this brand and I know you will too!

1. How did you get involved in the dance world?

Its the classic story…. My parents took me to see the Nutcracker in Pittsburgh (PBT) when I was 6 and I was mesmerized. We had cheap tickets in the back of the balcony, but I felt like I was onstage with the dancers. My parents tell me that I did not sit still the entire performance and was using the man’s seat in front of me as a barre. After that I begged to start ballet classes, but since I was involved in so many other activities at the time my parents held off for a year or so. Just before I turned 8 I took my first class at Laurel Youth Ballet in Greensburg, PA and have been in the studio ever since.

MooreSkirts in Wine, Copper, & Olive

2. When and why was MooreSkirts created?

It was 2014, while dancing with PA Ballet, that I became bored after an ankle surgery. During my recovery I saw a mesh skirt in Pointe Magazine that I liked, so I decided to dig out my mom’s sewing machine and see if I remembered how to use it. It came out completely different than the one I saw, but I fell in love with the flow of the fabric and made a few more for myself. Once I was back in the studio the other company members liked the product, so I began making skirts for all the ladies. I did not use social media at the time, but a close friend posted a few pics of her wearing my skirt, which led to others reaching out and wanting skirts of their own. I thought…why not?!?! One of my coworkers actually helped come up with the name MooreSkirts, which uses my last name as a play on words. Since I retired in 2016, and was only teaching part time, I had been able to spend a little more time on MooreSkirts, until I had a baby 9 months ago and now I sew when my son naps!

Moore Skirts in Steel, Silver, & Black

3. What are your most popular skirt and/or skirt colors?

The top selling style is Regular Length (aka the Miami City Ballet length since a bunch of ladies dancing for MCB wanted it a little shorter than the length I originally designed) with the Narrow Band waist. The best selling colors are Black, Natural, Dusty Rose, and Steel.

Fabric swatches from MooreSkirts

4. What are your favorite style skirt and/or colors to make/use ?

The Double Layer. Although it is more difficult to sew with twice as much super stretchy fabric, I love the color combos that customers come up with.

5. Are there any new styles/colors coming out that you want us to keep an eye out for?

I started a listing of Ready to Wear (and Ship). If I have just enough fabric to make a certain length or size, I quickly sew and post which is ready to go out the door the next day. I was also recently asked to create an Extra Short skirt with more shape/fullness. I have not yet created a listing for the new style, mostly because it is hard to differentiate the new option on an old skirt on Etsy, oh and my son is teething so naps are brief! (And she was so sweet to send me a prototype!)

Every MooreSkirt comes hand wrapped & tied with a beautiful ribbon

Check them out!

I’m obsessed these skirts and the wide variety colors & shades available. Plus, Brooke provides phenomenal custom service that never fails to make me smile! Definitely make sure to check out Moore Skirts , you can access the website by clicking on their name or any of the pictures above. I know that you will feel just as glamorous and elegant as I do in each of these top-notch ballerina skirts.

Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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