Creating Custom Leotards

Creating a Custom Leotard

I love designing and creating my own custom design leotards. While it’s easy to shop all the gorgeous dancewear items that are already available but it’s also undeniable that there’s just something even more special when wearing something that is designed to fit your own personality and style. However, I totally understand that it’s easy to get nervous about purchasing something that you are not be able to see in person till the order is complete. So I wanted to share best tips for getting the most out of your custom leotard and getting EXACTLY what you want! I’ll tell you the best methods for picking and matching styles, colors , and prints. Plus tips saving a little extra money while still getting a look that makes you feel like a million bucks!

What Brands Let You Customize?

There are a number of dancewear lines that allow you to design your own looks. The most well known options are Elevé Dancewear and Luckyleo Dancewear. But did you know that the brand that pioneered the custom leotard was actually Class In Dancewear and they are still an awesome line to create your own today. Plus, there are numerous Etsy shops that give you the option to make custom designs and one of my favorites is Barreto Dancewear.

Custom Elevé Dancewear Xena Leotard
Custom Elevé Dancewear Xena Leotard in Cake Walk

Finding Your Inspiration

There are so many ways to get your creative juices flowing when designing a Leo. I highly recommend, once you choose the brand for your design, to look at their current products. For example, if you want to order from Elevé, check out their newest collections as well as their Elevé Dancewear Boutique (which offers unique designs and prints not normally available as ready to wear) to see a multitude of different styles and color combos. Also, if they brand has a best seller’s page, like Luckyleo Dancewear, check it out to see some of the most popular trends. Even looking at past collections might even have some looks that draw your eye. Also, social media is a great place to get more ideas. By checking out Pinterest, Instagram, hashtags, Facebook, and other platforms you can find pictures of what other dancers are wearing and even customizing for themselves.

Picking The Style

Obviously, I think everyone should buy the style that they feel their best in. But what if you don’t own anything from the site in which you are ordering a custom leotards? This when I recommend either going with basic staple styles, such as a high collar, a boatneck, or a camisole. That way it’s safe to say you have a good idea of what to expect. However, while it’s definitely a safer option to get a style that you know that you feel good in, be on the look out for styles are brand specific or only available for custom designs or a limited time. Choosing to go with this option helps increases the uniqueness of your design. Also, if you are making this leotard with the hope of wearing it to auditions, having something special will definitely make you stand out. Additionally, if you are interested in Elevé Dancewear read their blog and you to get promo codes on featured styles. Hopefully, these tips will guarantee that you will find a style that you’ll love!

Luckyleo Leotard Flare Leotards
Luckyleo Dancewear Custom Red Flare Leotard and Best Seller Almond Camellia Leotard

Colors, Fabrics, & Prints

Obviously you want to pick colors that look best on you. I always think it smart to pick a color that pairs well with your skin tone and hair color. Also, keep an eye out for any colors that are in limited supply or available only for custom designs to make your leotard even more special. If you want to combine a solid fabric with a print I definitely recommend making sure that they will pair well together using your online resources. Elevé has a page on their website just for showing the fabric options available and for all their prints the list which colors that are included in that particular print. As someone who has made a few Elevé customs , I can attest to the fact that they are always super accurate with their colors. Luckyleo Dancewear also does a really great job of always have a matte and mesh version of their colors available for use. Lastly, if checking current designs and color/ print combos that are already available is a great way to get a better visual for how certain fabrics look together and on a person.

Elevé Dancewear Leotard
Elevé Dancewear Custom Noelle Leotard and Purple Moore Skirt

The Most Bang for Your Ballerina Budget

I have three main pieces of advice for saving money when buying custom dancewear. The first is, wait to place an order until it’s a holiday. This might seem super random but the major brands tend to offer anywhere from a 10-15% off discount on their products on holidays like Fourth of July, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Mother’s, and also their brand’s anniversary. So once you have a custom design in mind, try waiting till the next holiday to see what deals might become available. My second biggest tip is to subscribe to any VIP text, blog, or email subscriptions. This will help you stay in the loop about any sales going on and you will usually get a promo code just for joining. Also, as I mentioned earlier Elevé Dancewear’s blog usually has codes for sales one featured leotard styles. My last piece of advice is to try to custom design something that matches either a wide variety of colors or at least with skirts and accessories that you already own. I’ve made the mistake of splurging on a leotard then realizing that I have no skirts that match it and ultimately spending even more money to buy one. Don’t make a purchase that leads right into another unnecessary one. Instead, plan ahead and know what accessories you have and try to creat something that will go with them.

Elevé Dancewear
Elevé Dancewear Elysa Leotard, Photo by Caileigh Gold Photography

Be One of a Kind in Your One of a Kind Look

Hopefully these tips, steps, and tricks will help you create a custom leotard that is as beautiful and unique as you are! I truly have always cherished my one-of a-kind designs. Plus, it’s so important to have something that embraces your personality, style, and favorite trends. Let me know if this inspires you to make your own leotard, I would love to see!

Love, Casey

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