Getting to Know: Dancing with Grace

Dancing with Grace, Grace McCann Photo by Noel Valero

Of all my Getting to Know blog editions, this one holds a special place in my heart because it is with my amazing friend Grace McCann! Grace and I meant back in 2017 when we both attended the Richmond Ballet Summer Intensive. Since then we’ve stayed in touch via social media and I am blown away by all the she has done and is continuing to do! Most notably, Grace has an awesome YouTube Channel called Dancing with Grace that has such fun, inspiring, and honest content all about the world of ballet & dance. I was so happy that we decided to collaborate by having me on her channel (the video is coming out tomorrow !) and with her doing a Q&A for my blog. I know you all will love learning more about all the incredible things Grace is up to!

Dancing with Grace
Dancing with Grace, Grace McCann Photo by Noel Valero

1. How did you get involved in the dance world?

I began dancing when I was three years old! My mom took me to a local studio where I did all styles of dance, but ballet was where I felt most at home, so when I was 10 I switched to a Ballet school and began seriously training. Covid has thrown so many of us for a loop as I was planning on auditioning for so many companies this year, but I have been in the studio (or at home when necessary) training to be ready for when companies reopen!

2.When and why was Dancing with Grace created?

I have always loved watching youtube videos (especially ones related to ballet-ie. the amazing Kathryn Morgan) and I remember wanting to create my own channel in middle school. I was too nervous to take that step, but last October when I was about to turn 20 I decided to finally go for it and haven’t looked back since! Having a space to share my journey as a pre-professional dancer to professional is so motivating for me everyday and it is so rewarding to share any advice I have gained along the way with other dancers out there!

Dancing with Grace
Dancing with Grace

3.What are your most popular videos?

I try to produce a variety of videos on my channel. Some of my more popular one’s I’ve uploaded are my Dancewear Hauls from LuckyLeo, Chameleon Activewear, and more recently Luciole Dancewear.

My vlogs with my mom always seem to get great responses and we have a good time taking everyone along for our days together!

4.What are your favorite topics to discuss/videos to make?

Recently I’ve been working on a Dancer Honesty Series. It started with opening up about my struggles with having a healthy relationship with food-something that took a turn for the worst during quarantine. I want to be transparent on my channel so I created this series to hold myself accountable and to share what works for me in case there are other dancers out there going through similar situations. I hope that the videos can open up more serious conversations around these topics and create a supportive community.

Dancing with Grace
Dancing with Grace, Grace McCann Photo by Noel Valero

5. Are there any new content coming out that you want us to keep an eye out for?

I will be continuing to add updates to my Dancer Honesty Series, especially heading into the holidays and audition season, as my personal relationship with food adapts. I’m also super excited to upload a What I Wear in a Week: Ballerina/Dance Instructor video I just finished editing! I love watching week long videos so I enjoyed creating one with a dancer twist! It was so much fun to film all my outfits from class to rehearsals and to teaching!

Dancing with Grace
Dancing with Grace, Grace McCann Photo by Noel Valero

Check her out!

Grace is someone who am I so fortunate to be able to call a friend. But she’s also such an inspiration to me and to so many in the ballet community. Be sure to check out her on social media & of course her YouTube channel, Dancing with Grace. Definitely make sure to watch our video together, which will be released tomorrow. I had such a blast and cannot wait for y’all to see!

Love, Casey

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