Getting to Know: Rubiawear

Get to Know Rubiawear

I am seriously so blown away by the amount of love and support I have felt not only from you (the viewers) but also from so many dancewear brands. That’s why doing the Getting to Know Series has been such a blast because I get to share some of my favorite brands, who have both incredible products and hearts! Trust me, Rubiawear is no exception! Their collections of wraps, jumper, rompers, and leg warmers are my go-to and I truly cannot take class without them! I’m thrilled that Ashley Ellis, the owner & founder, was so gracious in sharing all about this company! I’m excited to share so y’all can learn a little more about her background and all that Rubiawear has to offer.

1. How did you get involved in the dance world?

I started taking classes at the age of 6. I don’t think there was any moment that made me say to my mom “I want to take ballet”, through my studies I just grew into it- loved it more and more. I think around the age of 10 I was more serious and felt it was something that I wanted to pursue, even though that is still pretty young. By my early teens I knew I wanted to dance professionally. From school I was fortunate to receive a position with ABT studio company which started my career in the professional dance world.

Rubiawear Cora Wrap
Rubiawear Cora Wrap

2. When and why was Rubiawear created?

RubiaWear was started for a few reasons.. I love to make things in my spare time, and started making legwarmers because I wanted to wear some myself that were more unique than what was currently available, and then my friends started asking me to make them some as well. I developed the brand created because I felt that while there are many options for unique dancewear in terms of leotards, shorts, and skirts, there was a gap where legwarmers and dance warmups are concerned.

3. What are your most popular items?

Since we launched in 2014 we’ve expanded from just legwarmers to offer a wider selection of dancewear warm up accessories that have also grown in popularity, however our legwarmers in their variety of styles and colors remain our most popular item.

Rubiawear Leg Warmers
Rubiawear Leg Warmers

4. What are your favorite products to make?

Again, the legwarmers are particularly special to the brand and hold a special place in my heart for RubiaWear. With that said, I get really excited whenever introducing a new product to our line. Most recently we’ve introduced our “Alina Shawl” which has some really exceptional qualities to it. Whenever a new design or product is introduced it is usually because there is something that I really want to wear or already love wearing and want to share with the dance world, I’ve even had other dancers say “hey! I love this item and I’d love another… do you think you could make these” and I love giving that a try too! Our “Vika” top for example was inspired this way from principal dancer Viktorina Kapitanova!

I’d say though, that one of the things I love is keeping it fresh, I think that for me (selfishly) it keeps things interesting, but even more importantly it keeps dancers feeling inspired by not seeing the same things every day, it is important to feel unique in what you are doing and if what you wear can add to that feeling then we are more than happy to be a part of that.

5. Are there any new products/styles/prints coming out that you want us to keep an eye out for?

We always have new things on the horizon… haha. Our next release is scheduled for later this month (October 2020) so you can keep your eye out for new colors and styles in our Legwarmers, Alina Shawls, Cora Wraps, Jumpers and more… Be sure to follow on Instagram to see when things go live!

Rubiawear Jumpers
Rubiawear Jumpers

Check them out!

Thanks again, to Ashley Ellis for sharing, it was an honor to chat with her! Make sure to keep an eye out for all of the new products that Rubiawear is releasing constantly. Between their wide selection of leg warmers, jumpers, and wraps there is basically something for everyone. Plus, remember that in addition to warm ups, they also have beautiful skirts, tops, shawls, and jackets available. So check them out!

Love, Casey

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