Fall Favorites: Dancewear Edition

Fall Favorites

There’s so much to love about the Fall season. Other then baking, PSLs, and delicious holiday treats, I definitely look forward to shopping seasonal styles. It’s always so exciting to see all my favorite dancewear brands release new colors, prints, and patterns that are great for the autumn time and also Halloween. Here are some of recommendations for wear to shop your fall festive dancewear!


Luckyleo Dancewear Pumpkin Aloe Allure Leotard​
Luckyleo Dancewear Pumpkin Aloe Allure Leotard

There are so many awesome fall leotards. Pretty much every brand is offering seasoning colors, like gorgeous reds, oranges, golds, and browns. But if you are looking for collections that offer something more specific to the holidays and the autumn season then I definitely recommend Luckyleo Dancewear, Chameleon Activewear, and Elevé Dancewear. This year for Halloween prints, Luckyleo Designs not only has the return of their Twilight print, but has also introduced a Spooky Kitten and a Pumpkin Print. Plus, the release of their new Plaid print, available in Emerald, Burgundy, and Navy, is perfect for the entire fall season. Additionally, Elevé Dancewear has released ready to wear Halloween options like Ali Corpse de Ballet, Fabiola Squelette, Nadine Vampire Cats, and a Squelette Barrier Mask.

Chameleon Activewear One of a Kind Halloween Leotard
Chameleon Activewear One of a Kind Halloween Leotard

Lastly, Chameleon Activewear includes some super fun prints and if you were lucky (like me!) you were able to snag one of the Halloween Edition One of a Kind Leotards. But don’t worry if you were too late to snag one of them, because their regular collection is full of leotards that make it easy to create the perfect ballet class Halloween costume. For example, KT’s Aloha or KT’s Honolulu leotard are perfect for dressing as a hula girl or wear Sky’s Hunny Bunny & add some rabbit ears to dress as an adorable Bunny. Plus, Brittles’ Witch features a skull print that is great for a spooky look.


As mentioned in our Getting to Know blog together, Luciole Dancewear, released four new seasonal colors for their beautiful mesh skirts. They include Iciole, Pine, Poinsettia, and Pumpkin Spice! Moore Skirts is also known for gorgeous mesh ballet skirts. Brooke Moore does an amazing job of having basically every color under the sun available in multiple shades & hues. My favorite ones for fall include Wine, Copper, and Olive.

Moore Ballet Mesh Skirts
Moore Skirts in Wine, Copper, & Olive

For even more skirts, keep in mind that Toitoitoi Designs is constantly making available new colors and patterns in long wrap high-low or scalloped skirt. For autumn, they are having new colors like Rust and Pumpkin along new floral prints. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Abiligal Mentzer Designs are my favorite short skirts! Currently, she’s making available her slinky skirts in Pumpkin, Maple, Golden Camel, Holly, and Yellow Gold. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’m so thrilled with the release of AMD’s Fall Sheer Collection, which features Abby’s signature short style in mesh fabric in seasonal colors like Navy, Olive, Black, and Copper.

Abigail Mentzer Designs Skirts
Abigail Mentzer Designs Jaune & Gold Skirt

So Fall in Fall Shopping Season!

Between new styles, exclusive colors, and holiday themed prints, there’s so many options available to make your ballet closet awesome for autumn. Let me know what you are excited to shop for. I cannot wait to see what looks everyone will be flocking to and all the different ballet Halloween costumes people create. Have a super sweet Trick or Treat and hope that you are having a fantastic fall!

Halloween Themed Luckyleo Dancewear Leotards​
Halloween Themed Luckyleo Dancewear Leotards
Love, Casey

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