5 Ballet Hacks: Pointe Edition

5 Ballet Hacks Pointe Edition

While giving advice to some of my younger ballet students, it hit me that there are so many tips and hacks that dancers are never necessarily told but that they often learn overtime by watching and observing other, more senior dancers. Either that, or younger dancers left to struggle and figure things out on their own. But why does it have to be that way?! Well it doesn’t, that’s why I am going to start sharing my tips and tricks for all things in the world of ballet, starting with this first edition that focuses on pointe shoes and improving pointe work!

For a Quick Way to Secure Pointe Shoe Ribbons..

Every ballerina wants to avoid their pointe shoes ribbons from coming untucked. Usually this means taking the time to sew your ribbons in their tucked positions before each performance. But what if you have to change pointe shoes during a show or even during a quick change and have no time? Don’t just forgo securing those ribbons even if you don’t have time to sew, instead use clear bandaids . This is my favorite way to keep those ribbons in place. All you do is take the bandaid out of the wrapper, flip it paper side up, and slide it under your tucked ribbons. Then peel the paper off one flap at a time and wrap it around you pointe shoes laces. Trust me it works and with the clear bandaids it will be practically impossible to notice.

Pointe Shoe Hacks
Steps for Securing Ribbons with a Bandaid

For Pancaking Pointe Shoes…

Need to flesh tone or “pancake” your pointe shoes? Most people use cream foundation but I find that this either takes forever to do well or you rush and the flesh tone looks uneven. So what I prefer is spraying my shoes with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray. Find whatever color matches your skin tone and spray your shoes till the coating is even . Let that sit for at least 24hrs and boom! You have perfectly pancaked pointe shoes.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray

For a Better Way to Store Pointe Shoes…

Do you have multiple pairs of pointe shoes and need a better way to store and organize them? I definitely recommend get this: Wine Bag for organizing pointe shoes . Not only is super cheap but it separates up to six pairs in an easy and convenient way. I love keeping my pointe shoes in here because it’s so easy to find and grab whichever pair I need.

Wine Tote and Pointe Shoe Bag
Wine Tote for Organizing Pointe Shoes

For When You Want to Improve Your Pointe Work…

The key to good pointe work is strong & articulate toes. You want to be able to move your toes as easily as you do your fingers! One of the best ways to improve your toes’ strength and fluidity is by picking things up with your toes. Get something like pencils or marbles and throw them on the floor and just pick them up using only your feet. I love how this is such an effective exercise that really takes no brainpower and you do it while also doing something as fun as watching TV.

For When You Want to Relax & Realign Your Toes…

Need to realign and relax your toe joints after having them swished in pointe shoes all day? Try Toe Separators! You do not need to spend an arm and leg on expensive Yoga Toes but instead use simple toe Separators like the ones shown below to get the job done. I like to wear them after a long day at the studio while eating dinner. Doing this to readjust toes and joints will help foot articulation, overall balance, and body posture.

Toe Separators
Toe Separators

Try these Tips for Yourself!

Hopefully this tips and tricks are helpful to you! Links to each product can be found in the pictures and italicized worlds. I plan on bringing you even more ballet hacks to make this crazy dance world a little bit easier. Make sure to let me know which tips you are going to try, which you already do, and what hacks you have that you want me to try!

Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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