Getting to Know: Chameleon Activewear

Get to Know Chameleon Activewear

This blog series has been such an incredible experience! Not only do I get to interview some of my favorite companies (yes, I definitely fan-girl every time) but I also get to share them with you! Today’s addition had me totally star struck, Chameleon Activewear ! Known for bold prints, bright colors, & ultra flattering simplistic styles, this brand has taken the dance world by storm! April Giangeruso is a dancer with American Ballet Theatre and the founder of Chameleon Activewear . She is obviously super talented both in the studio and with her style. I’m thrilled to share our Q&A for y’all to learn all about her dance background & her plans for the future of this brand!

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Rachel’s Fabulous Frenchies Leotard

1. How did you get involved in the dance world?

Ever since I took my first ballet class at 5 years old I knew I wanted to be a ballerina. Originally from Maryland I began training seriously in ballet at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C. I grew up taking part in ballet productions at the Kennedy Center for companies like ABT and Universal Ballet. At 14 I moved to NYC to further my dance training and joined the JKO School at ABT and shortly after ABT II. After 2 wonderful years in ABT II, I was asked to join the main company in 2010. My journey in the ballet world feels like a fairytale. I have been able to travel the world and do what I love simultaneously. I have met some of my best friends along the way and have been lucky to be in a company like ABT where everyone is supportive of each other and treats one another like family!

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Love is Love Leotard

2. When and why Chameleon Activewear was created?

My mom, Kathy, is an award winning seamstress specializing in non-stretch garments like suits and other clothing. I begged her to try to sew with stretch and make leotards for me because I knew she could do it! So I bought her a special machine and worked with her on a summer lay-off from ABT to make our first leotard. We are both perfectionists so it was a bit of a process developing what we thought was the “perfect” simple silhouette leotard in 4 different styles. I started selecting fun prints for her to sew with and every time I would wear one everyone would ask me where my leotard was from. Before long, all the girls at ABT were requesting leos and I brought about 30 in one day. They were all gone within 5 minutes and the ABT ladies affectionately named them Momtards. We continued taking requests from ABT ladies and I was also getting requests from around the world on my Instagram. I was thinking of starting a real company one day and when I met my now husband, Blake, who is a businessman, he helped me to make my dreams a reality in 2019. We named the company Chameleon Activewear because number one I love Chameleons and it is the absolutely appropriate name for the way I love to change up prints so much! Also, in the dance world everyone wants to be called a Chameleon because it means you adapt and change easily to anything that is thrown your way!

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Bella’s Holy Meow + Cassie’s Summertime Leotards

3. What are your most popular items?

It has been amazing to see sales across the board of all of our styles and prints! I will say that our camisole fit totally rocks and the simple and flattering silhouette has been a big winner! Can’t go wrong with a fun cami.

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Hurricanes’s Luck of the Irish Leotard

4. What are your favorite items to create?

It has been so fun creating each Chameleon with my friends. Every lady who has been involved in Chameleon has inspired me in their own unique way. I just love all of the girls so much. This brand doesn’t happen without them! One of my favorite parts of the brand is having each lady name their Chameleon. They really put thought into it and always come up with something so creative! It gives the leotard so much life!

5. Are there any new products/styles/prints coming out that you want us to keep an eye out for?

In the short term I am focused on building the brand and getting as many people to have access to Chameleon as possible. In the long term since the company is called Chameleon Activewear I want to add on to our collection to develop more activewear products! And more fun prints! We have made over 60 prints so far with a goal of many many more in the coming year.

Chameleon Activewear Leotards
Chameleon Activewear Leotards

Check them out!

I can’t say enough incredible things about April & Chameleon Activewear ! Not only is every leotard adorable with amazing quality but it’s a company with fantastic customer service & a founder with a heart of gold! I’m so grateful that she took time in her crazy schedule to share and speak with me. Definitely make sure to check out Chameleon Activewear on social & by clicking on any of the links or photos above to shop on the website. There are new prints coming out constantly so you will definitely want to hurry to check them out before they’re gone!

Love, Casey

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