Holiday Favorites: Dancewear Edition

Holiday Favorites: Dancewear Edition

Just like this fall, I’m bring you my list of where to shop for this season! This year there are so many places to get all your holiday dancewear, from leotards to skirts to warmups! I’ve highlighted some of my favorites and I hope you love them too!


Luckyleo Holiday Shoppe is full of festive prints like Rudolph, Candy Cane, Nutcracker Battle Scene, Snow, Holly, Prussian Bows, and Poinsettia .

Luckyleo Dancewear
Luckyleo Dancewear Blue Candy Cane Allure Leotard

Last year Elevé Dancewear , released a holiday collection for the first time. I’m thrilled that this year they continued the tradition! Elevé does a beautiful job of combining festive prints & colors in elegant styles & mature fashions.

Elevé Dancewear
Elevé Dancewear Elizabeth Ruby Leotard and Red Bullet Pointe Skirt

Chameleon Activewear April’s Santa Baby or Rachel’s Winter Wonderland are adorable options for adding some fun festive prints to your leotard collection! Plus, Chameleon has a Holiday Collection this year that is too die for! The prints include Christmas lines, ornaments, poinsettia flowers, and much more!

Luciole Dancewear Pine Skirt
Luciole Dancewear Pine Skirt


Moore Skirts has always been a favorite of mine because Brooke Moore makes available of the multiple shades of each and every color under the sun! For this time of year, I definitely recommend checking out the colors: Crimson, Kelly Green, Silver, & White! Luciole Dancewear has colors like Icicle, Poinsettia, & Pine that are released just for the holidays. Toitoitoi Skirts created my go-to skirt for Christmas, the Scarlet color Wrap Skirt! I love it so much that I even used it in a photoshoot. Additionally, Toitoitoi has a beautiful shade of Canary Gold and Kelly Green that are strikingly beautiful!

Luckyleo Dancewear Holiday leotard
ToiToiToi Scarlet Wrap Skirt and Luckyleo Dancewear Poinsettia Allure Leoatrd PC Caileigh Gold Photography

Luckyleo Holiday Shoppe makes mesh skirts in the same holiday prints as their leotards. So try pairing them with a simple red, green, white, blue, or silver leotard for the perfect look!Abigail Mentzer Designs are my favorite for short ballet skirts. Check out her newest Holiday Spirit Series. It’s full of shades and colors like Sapphire, Scarlet, Yellow Gold, and more!

Luckyleo Dancewear  Holiday Leotards
Luckyleo Dancewear Holiday Prints


A dancer’s look is not compete without warm ups! My preference is always Rubiawear ! Their website is always presenting new colors and fabrics available in wraps, long/short leg warmers, and more! For this time of year, I usually grab my white or green leg warmers and my silver Cora Wrap!

Rubiawear Warm ups
Rubiawear Cora Wrap

So Deck the Halls!

Get your festive fashion going and check out these amazing items! You won’t want to wait too long, often times these unique designs sell out in a flash! Make sure to share all your holiday looks and let me know what other seasonal styles you will be shopping this year!

Luckyleo Dancewear Holiday Leotards
Luckyleo Dancewear Holiday Leotard’s
The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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