5 Ballet Hacks: Dancewear & Costume Edition

5 Ballet Hacks: Dancewear and Costume Editon

As promised, I’m bring you even more ballet hacks. This time I’m focusing of hacks related to clothing and costumes. I’m sharing ways to keep your rehearsal wear and costumes looking their best and tips to reuse or repair old items. You’ll definitely want to check these out!

For a Tear in Your Tights…

Everyone has experienced when a small tear in ballet tights gets worse and worse till you can no longer wear them. Save some extra money and stop these tears before they get out of control with clear nail polish. Simply paint the fabric where the tear is and let it dry completely before wearing them again. And if you don’t happen to have nail polish on hand then use hairspray ( I definitely think Freeze It Hairspray works best). This is a good way to prevent a tear from getting worse until you can get your hands on some nail polish, which is a more secure way of saving your tights.

Freeze It Hairspray

For When Your Straps Keep Slipping Off Your Shoulders…

The last thing you want to worry about during a difficult variation is your costume malfunctioning. It’s so hard to not get distracted by a sleeve or strap slipping down, especially if you are having to do a lot of turning and pirouettes. So I highly recommend getting this Double Sided Tape. The tape strips are super easy to use, just peel off the paper and apply it wherever you want on your costume then press it down onto your skin where you want it to stay. Trust me you will hardly feel it and it comes off so easily without any leftover residue.

Double Sided Tape​
Double Sided Tape

For Storing Your Tutus

There’s nothing worse than a droopy tutu! Performance tutus for a recital or a competition are extremely expensive and you want them to look the best that they possibly can. Plus lots of preprofessionals and professional ballet dancers, like me, have practice tutus on hand in order to “get the feeling” of having one on while doing a variation. To keep your tutu in its best and proper shape, store it upside down! You can do this by hanging it or by laying it flat upside down in a tutu bag. This will help you use gravity to your advantage and help prevent the tutu from slowing loosing it’s form overtime.

For When You Want to Add Some Sleeves to Your Leotard Look…

This is one of my favorite hacks for reusing an old pair of tights! You can transform them into a light ballet crop top or stretchy long sleeve shirt. All you do is take a pair of tights, I used Capezio Tights, then cut out the crotch so it’s big enough to pull over your head . Then cut the footed part of the tights to create the desired sleeve length for your top. It’s that easy. I love wearing them either under a camisole leotard to create a mesh sleeve effect or put it on top of my leotard as a light warm up sweater.

How to Turn Your Tights into a Dance Top
How to Turn Your Tights into a Dance Top

For When Your Earrings are Hurting…

When it comes to performing, dancers might be wearing earrings more often then they would on a regular basis. For example, most dancers during a normal Christmas season with Nutcracker shows are constantly changing earrings from Party Scene to Snow to Waltz of the Flowers. Lots of my friends complain that their earlobes are screaming in pain or that they got an infection in their ear piercing. So I share with them this tip for using Neosporin. All you do is cover the needle part of your earrings with the ointment and put them in as normal. Trust me, you will be grateful that you did! Not only does this relieve any pain but it also minimizes your risk of infection.


Try these Tips Out!

I hope that these tips and tricks are helpful to you! Links to each product can be found in the pictures and italicized worlds. Even though performances may be a tad different this season, for whatever shows that you have coming up (near or far) these will definitely help ease any backstage chaos! Make sure to let me know which tip(s) you are going to try, which you already do, and what hacks you have that you want me to try!

Love, Casey

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