Valentines Day Fashion Guide

Valentine’s Day Fashion Guide

Whether you are celebrating Valentines Day, Galentines, or Single Awareness Day, it’s so much fun to get dressed up with fun festive colors for the holiday! I always have a blast putting together a new look each year. So I’m sharing a few of my favorite dancewear styles, colors, brands, and accessories for this LOVEly day of the year!

Ballet Rosa Leotard
Ballet Rosa Bordeaux Berenice Leotard


When it comes to picking out your leotard for Valentines, there’s so many different looks that you can do! Whether you want to look sweet, sassy, or simplistic I’ve got you covered!My Ballet Rosa from Dance Supplies Bordeaux Berenice Leotard has a rich color and lace cap sleeves. It is perfect for elegant look.

Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Love is Love Camisole Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Love is Love Camisole Leotard

If you want something more fun and colorful be sure to check out the Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Love is Love Leotard. The tie-dye heart print is the cutest thing ever! If you are going for a more mature and bold look, check out the Elevé Dancewear Lynn Poppy Leotard. This style features a deep mesh V, drop waist, high collar, and wrist-length sleeves. Elevé also has some beautiful, sweet looks from the new Wander Collection like the Cassandra Sweethearts leotard.

Elevé Dancewear
Elevé Dancewear Lynn Poppy Leotard

Also, Luckyleo Dancewear released a new Sweetheart print leotard that is available in Peach and Silver. Find this print in some Express styles and the Allure style leotard. Lastly, if you are in search for a soft, sweet, girly look then Class In Dancewear has you covered ! My Class In Dancewear Mock Turtleneck Pink Leotard would be a perfect choice!

Class In Dancewear

Skirts & Tights

Ballet skirt
Luciole Dancewear Poinsettia Skirt

A dancewear look isn’t complete without a skirt, pair of tights, or leggings. The Luciole Dancewear Poinsettia Skirt is a wonderful addition to a red, white, or light pink leotard to create a classic Valentines Day outfit.A Cloud & Victory Dusk Rose Ombre Rehearsal Skirt is great to pair with a dusty Rose or fuchsia leotard.

Cloud & Victory

Wearing a pair of Elevé Dancewear Poppy Mesh Tights creates a unitard type look if you wear them with a red leotard. You will look extra bold and festive in them!

Elevé Dancewear
Elevé Dancewear Poppy Mesh Tights

Warm Ups & Accessories

Accessories are the best way to take a look to the next level. Plus it helps you show off your personality and individuality.

Luckyleo Dancewear
Luckyleo Dancewear Scrunchie in Petal

Luckyleo Dancewear has plenty of accessories for you. Add some detail to your bun with one of their Scrunchies, they come in plenty of colors and prints. My favorite is the beautiful floral print called Petal. Also accessorize while staying stylish & safe in one of their Face Mask in Dusty Rose.

Luckyleo Dancewear

Rubiawear Cora Wrap’s are my absolute favorite! They help warm up my hips so I can activate my turn out in the early morning company class. They have plenty of pink, red, and white options to add a festive pop of color to your attire.

Rubiawear Cora Wrap

Get Shopping!

I hope that you fall in love with some of these amazing dancewear items! The links to them are in the pictures and italicized words above, so you can shop your favorites in just a click. Be sure to share your Valentines Day style with me, I can’t wait to see!

The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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