Getting to Know: The Company Collection

Getting to Know The Company Collection

I am so excited to bring you all another addition of one of my most popular blog series, Getting to Know! This series focuses on highlighting and learning more about some of the dance world’s best and most popular brands and dancewear companies. This time, I am ecstatic to share my Q&A with The Company Collection. With everything from leotards to skirts to leg warmer, this dancewear brand really has it all. Plus with my code “ballerinabows” you save 10% on any purchase.

The Company Collection Caramel Hitomi Leotard
The Company Collection Caramel Hitomi Leotard

1.How did you get involved in the dance world?

I started dancing when I was about 5 at The Nutmeg Ballet in CT (where I’m from). My mom was a dancer so that’s probably how I got started – but when I was 15 I moved alone to Boston to attend the pre-pro program at Boston Ballet. I finished my last 2 years of high school there, became a trainee with Orlando Ballet, was in the second company and am now in my 6th season with the main company!

2.When and why was The Company Collection created?

The Company Collection started as a collaboration with a local dance store (Twirly Toes Truckshop) here in Florida. At first it was just leotards, but during quarantine I decided to see what my sewing skills could do and added leg warmers, skirts + masks!

The Company Collection Caramel Hitomi Leotard
The Company Collection Caramel Hitomi Leotard Back

3.What are your most popular products?

Everything is actually pretty equal! It depends on the customer. We have things for every age + body type!

4.Where do you tend to find your style inspiration from?

My dancer friends! I LOVE to do polls and ask what exactly they love and want!

The Company Collection Caramel Hitomi Leotard
The Company Collection Caramel Hitomi Leotard Lace

5.Are there any new products coming out that you want us to keep an eye out for?

We just launched a small limited edition Valentine’s collection with a new pull-on skirt style. A spring launch will be coming soon!

Check Them Out

Be sure to head over to The Company Collection website by clicking on any of the pictures and bold, italicized words above. I am so grateful that they took the time to chat with me and share so much about their background and future of their business. Be sure to get 10% off of their products with the code “ballerinabows”. I cannot wait to see what items you all shop from this beautiful dancewear brand!

The Company Collection
The Company Collection
The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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