My Top Five Luckyleo Dancewear Leotards

My Top Five Luckyleo Dancewear Leotards

Just like my Elevé top 10 favorite Leotards Blog, I am now sharing my Top Five Luckyleo Dancewear Leotards! Plus, this time I’m also ranking them one through five to name my ultimate favorite! It was so hard to pick only five but these particular leos have my heart and make me feel so beautiful! Check them out!

5.Crushed Lilac Beau Leotard

Fifth place goes to one of the newer additions to my Luckyleo collection. The Beau style is absolutely adorable, as it features cap sleeves and keyhole back. Plus, the lilac color is so elegant especially in the crush velvet fabric.

Luckyleo Dancewear
Luckyleo Dancewear Crushed Lilac Beau Leotard and Frosted Lavender Toitoitoi Azelie Skirt

4.Petal Glimmer Leotard

You all knew that there was definitely going to be at least one pink leotard on this list! This was a limited edition style called Glimmer and I was able to get it in my favorite Luckyleo print: Petal! I love how beautiful the hand painted roses are and how the pattern incorporates different shades of pink, mauve, and even green!

Luckyleo Dancewear
Luckyleo Dancewear Petal Glimmer Leotard and Ballet Pink Bullet Pointe Skirt

3.Mint Elegance Leotard

I am a sucker for a high collar and open back. That is exactly what the Luckyleo Elegance style leotard is! This particular color of green was a limited release and I couldn’t resist buying it! It’s so eye catching and really stands out from the crowd. In fact, I’ve found this is one of the best leotards for photo shoots because it really captures the viewers attention while still allowing your beauty as a dancer to shine.

Luckyleo Dancewear
Luckyleo Dancewear Mint Elegance Leotard and Bullet Pointe Peach Skirt

2.Almond Camilla Flare Leotard

This Flare style in White Camilla print is one of their Best Sellers for a reason. The white floral pattern reminds me of my favorite flower, a gardenia. The combination of the print and the edgy flare style creates a look that is both soft and feminine but also mature and fun.

Luckyleo Dancewear
Luckyleo Dancewear Almond Camilla Flare Leotard and Elevé Dancewear Ivory Mesh Short High Low Skirt

1.Custom Red Lace Flare Leotard

It was so difficult to decide between the top two, as they are both stunning versions of the Flare style leotard. However, this customized Cherry red with matching lace look ultimately came out on top! The Flare leotard style is always jaw dropping because of its boatneck neckline, diagonal slit, and super low back. Additionally, the bright red color and its matching red lace make it an eleven out of ten. Perfection!

Luckyleo Dancewear
LuckyLeo Dancewear Custom Red Lace Flare Leotard and Buttercream Granlund Skirt

Do You Agree with My Favorites?

Let’s be honest, you can never ever go wrong with anything from Luckyleo Dancewear! Do you agree with my top five and ranking? I would be so interested to know which one is you favorite. Also, be sure to tell me about your Luckyleo Dancewear Collection and which one is your ultimate favorite. Lastly , be sure to let me know which Dancewear brand you want me to share my favorites from for next time!

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Love, Casey

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