Spring Fashion Guide

Spring Fashion Guide

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year and it definitely influences my dancewear style. I just can’t get enough of the soft colors, feminine flowers, and pretty patterns. Here are some of my favorite leotards, skirts, separates, and accessories for this blooming time of year.

Chameleon activewear
Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Hunny Bunny Camisole Leotard and Bullet Pointe Ballet Pink Skirt


Leotards are my favorite part of putting together a dancewear look. Nowadays there are so many incredible options to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to pick just one! However, this spring you should definitely shop the Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Hunny Bunny and Sky’s Rose Adagio Leotards. They both capture the soft pastels and beautiful blossoms that this season has to offer. Of course, you can never go wrong with Elevé Dancewear. This March they released a Easter collection full of fun and festive prints! Additionally, between their new Wander collection or custom design options, like the ones featured in my Creating Custom Leotards Blog, you are bound to find a look that fits your spring style. Lastly, be sure to shop The Company Collection for leotards in fun styles and unique colors and patterns, Plus this brand always has great sales going on and you can use my code “ballerinabows” for 10% off.

 Chameleon Activewear
Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Rose Adagio Cap Sleeve Leotard and Wine Bullet Pointe Skirt

Skirts & Separates

Moore Skirts
Baby Blue Moore Skirts

A dancewear look is never complete without a match skirt or separate! My ideal shade of blue for this time of year is the Moore Skirts Baby Blue Skirt. Moore Skirts has such a wide variety of shades for every color so you can find one that matches perfectly to every leotard you want to wear. Also, Luciole Dancewear Mint Mesh Skirt adds a soft pop of mint to any look. I love pairing it with a floral print leotard or even white.

Luciole Dancewear
Luciole Mint Skirt


Rubiawear Leg warmers
Rubiawear Leg Warmers

Accessories are the best finishing touches. Whenever it’s a long day at the studio but I still want to be fashion forward, Rubiawear warm ups are my go to! Options like the Rubiawear Leg Warmers in Cloud Blue, are perfection for the spring time! For hair, if you’re not rocking a bow like me, check out the Luckyleo Dancewear Almond Camilla Scrunchie. The print reminds me of my favorite springtime flower, gardenias! Last but not least, the best gems for your ears are the Francesca’s Crystal Rose Gold Bunny Stud Earrings ! I can’t wait to pair them with my Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Hunny Bunny Leotard! They are so cute and have a pop of glam from the rhinestones.

Scrunching Luckyleo Dancewear
Luckyleo Dancewear Almond Camilla Scrunchie

Those are my Favorite Spring Styles!

This a just a peak into my spring dancewear! I can’t wait to see all of your pretty pastels, fun florals, and beautiful ballet buns! Be sure to share what trends you love for this time of year and what brands you are shopping! Have a spectacular spring!

Francesca’s Earrings
Francesca’s Crystal Rose Gold Bunny Studs
The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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