Getting to Know: Daisy Leo Dancewear

Getting to Know: Daisy Leo Dancewear

I’m so thrilled to have another Getting to Know Blog for you! There is no shortage of amazing businesses, brands, and companies in the dancewear world and it’s been so fun learning more about so many of them. This blog is all about the adorable handmade dancewear and accessories of Daisy Leo Dancewear ! I’m obsessed with this brand’s wrap skirts that are available in stunning prints and floral patterns. My personal favorite is their Harlow print wrap skirt. Plus, the ballet themed stickers are such fun decorating and gift ideas! This brand truly has it all!

1. How did you get involved in the dance world?

I first tried ballet when I was about 11 with my friend who had been dancing with her studio for maybe 4 years at that point. Her teacher was super strict, nothing was explained, I was thrown in and was told ” Just follow along.” I was so scared of her teacher and I didn’t come back! When I was 17 a few of my classmates were dancing at a different studio that had a beginning adult ballet class. This teacher broke everything down, answered my questions, and understood my learning style. I was still scared of doing it wrong so I asked a million questions. I loved this teacher, and I came back! Eventually I added more classes at the student level and different styles, and at the height of it I think I was taking around 10 classes per week. I took every ballet class that fit in my schedule! 3 years later, almost to the day, I was promoted to pointe! Now 7 years later, I still ask a lot of questions, so she has assigned me a 3 question limit per class/rehearsal, and I’m not allowed to answer any of her “trivia” questions in the lower level classes!

DaisyLeo Dancewear
DaisyLeo Dancewear Harlow Wrap Skirt

2. When and why was Daisy Leo Dancewear created?

In 2016 I was making hair bows themed to specific characters like Snow White or Cinderella and wearing them to class, then some of the girls I danced with asked me to make bows themed to their favorite characters. I created the brand DaisyLeo Dancewear and started selling these one of a kind hair bows and bun wraps in a basket on the retail rack in our studio lobby. Completely unintentional, Daisy and Leo also happened to be the names of my first and current rabbit!! I made my first skirts in spring 2017, and those became way more popular with the girls as they got older and the bow craze started to fizzle out. In November 2018 a wildfire destroyed our town, studio included, and we didn’t have our own dance studio for over a year. After this I wasn’t working, but was suggested that I should sell skirts to other (non-local) dancers online, so in 2019 I started selling online through Etsy! Last year I started learning digital illustration and created stickers from those, which have been super fun and definitely an “instant gratification” kind of project, which I appreciate!

3. What are your most popular products?

I’m really proud to say that my most popular item is the “Chiara” print skirt, which is part of a collaboration with Wings for Ewing Sarcoma!! Dancer and cancer survivor Chiara Valle (@valledancer on Instagram) started this foundation to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer, and Ewing Sarcoma in particular. For every skirt sold in the “Chiara” print, I donate $5 to her foundation. These skirts have been ordered from all over the United States and even in Canada! My most popular sticker is the “Sugar Plum Fairy” from my Nutcracker collection that was released last year!

DaisyLeo Dancewear
DaisyLeo Dancewear Stickers

4. Where do you tend to find your style inspiration from?

When picking fabrics for my skirts, I try to imagine which color leotards dancers might pair with it! I personally feel like I have a way better class when I’m wearing an outfit that is both comfortable and pretty! My studio didn’t have a black dress code for ballet for a long time, and it was always so fun to pick out my favorite leotards and coordinate skirts to them.

5. Are there any new products coming out that you want us to keep an eye out for?

I’m currently working on a pattern for pull-on skirts, hopefully to be released at the beginning of summer! I’m also working out details to be able to make rehearsal skirts and/or tutus at an affordable price, because who doesn’t love a tutu! I’d really love to get these worked out by the end of summer so that they’re ready to order when Nutcracker season begins. I’m collecting measurement data to have my skirts be the most size inclusive as possible. If you’d like to contribute any of your measurements, you can complete my survey here:

DaisyLeo Dancewear
DaisyLeo Dancewear Harlow Wrap Skirt

Check them out!

Be sure to shop Daisy Leo Dancewear ! You can grab some beautiful skirts, fun stickers, and adorable accessories. I love how this is dancewear made in small batches by a dancer for dancers! Plus use code BALLERINABOWS for a discount on your purchase. I can’t wait to see what you buy! Whether it’s a fun sticker or floral skirt, you can’t go wrong!

The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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