My Top Five Chameleon Activewear Leotards

Chameleon Activewear is frequently seen on my social media and past blog post. That’s because I cannot get enough of this brand’s fun, vibrant , and bold prints that come in simple, ultra flattering styles. Here is my top five list and ranking of the Chameleon Activewear Leotards in my dancewear closet.

Honorable Mention: Chevy’s Spring Fling Cap Sleeve Leotard

The only cap sleeve style leotard on this list, while it’s not in my top five I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight one of my newest Chameleon Activewear leotards. The colors are so eye catching and pair beautifully together. The scoop neckline also really helps show off your collarbone and ballerina neck.

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Chevy’s Spring Fling Cap Sleeve Leotard

5. Cassie’s Cotton Candy Camisole Leotard

Tie-Dye is one of the latest fashion revivals so I feel super on trend in this particular leotard. Pink and blue are definitely one of my preferred color combinations. Plus, the fact that is leotard is named after one of ABT’s newest principal dancers helped it make this exclusive list.

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Cassie Cotton Candy Camisole Leotard

4.Rachel’s Fabulous Frenchies Camisole Leotard

It’s not a surprise, considering how in love I am with my puppy, that I’m obsessed with this dog print leotard. The red bows and straps add a fun pop of color to the black & white frenchies pattern.

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Rachel’s Fabulous Frenchies Leotard

3. Sky’s Honey Bunny Camisole Leotard

I truly can never get enough pink! This leotard is actually a sentimental favorite, as the print actually is incredibly similar to the bed spread print that I had in my nursery when I was an infant! The bunnies, flowers, bows, and hearts in the print make it a great optional wear during the spring time!

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Sky’s Hunny Bunny Camisole Leotard and Bullet Pointe Ballet Pink Skirt

2.Bella’s Holy Meow Camisole Leotard

While I’m usually in pink and bows, I also love wearing something that brings out my sassy side. The Bella Holy Meow print features a rich animal print and black straps. Honestly, wearing this in the studio makes me dance bigger and bolder! Who doesn’t love that!?

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Bella’s Holy Meow Leotard

1.Cassie’s Summertime Camisole Leotard

My favorite! This one had to be number one because I feel like it truly has it all! The flower print brings out my girly side. The fun yellow paired with the black straps help make it bright, bold, yet still mature and sophisticated. Additionally, it’s in my favorite style from Chameleon Activewear, the super flattering camisole. It seriously checks all of the boxes! Perfection!

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Cassie Summertime Leotard & Jaune Abigail Mentzer Designs Skirt

Do You Agree with My Picks?

When it comes to Chameleon Activewear , you can never go wrong! Which ones do you love most and what prints do you have that you think I need to add to my collection? Plus be sure to check of my other blog featuring this brand, Getting to Know Chameleon Activewear!

Chameleon Activewear Leotard
Chameleon Activewear Leotards
The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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