Backstage Must Haves

Backstage Must-Haves

In honor of my ballet company returning to stage this week, I’m bring you my backstage must haves! These are things that help me get through performance week in the calmest, most stress free way I possibly can!

1. Warm Ups

Theaters and backstage are often kept at a low temperature so it’s important to have plenty of warm ups like booties and leg warmers to keep your muscles ready for dancing.

Rubiawear Morse Full Leg Warmers

2. Extension Cord/ Surge Protector

Not a lot of people think to bring these, but extension cords surge protectors are a game changer. Often times in your dressing room there aren’t enough outlets for all the things you need close to you at your mirror station. Bring an extension cord so your hair curler, phone charger, and other devices can plug in and close to you.

3. Phone Charger

Especially for double show days, you need to make sure to have your phone charger so you can make it all day without your phone dying.

4. Bandaids

As you may have read in My Ballet Hacks Blog, I use bandaids to keep the ribbons on my pointe shoes in place but it’s also important to have them in hand in case something goes wrong. You definitely don’t want to blood stain your costumes!

Steps for Securing Ribbons with a Bandaid​

5. Sewing Kit

Especially if you are doing a lot of pointe work in a show, have your needle and thread on hand. It’s best to be prepared in case a ribbon or elastic comes unsewn.

6. Button Up Shirt

To ensure that you do not mess up your hair and make up, bring a button up shirt and put it on before you get prepared for stage. This will help keep your makeup from smudging and hair from getting a million fly-aways.


7.Snacks & Drinks!

Have plenty of food and beverages! Performance time is NOT the time to go on a crazy diet (nor should our ever go on crazy diets), you need to keep your body fueled and hydrated. For tips on the best snacks and food to help your performance, check out my Snack Smarter Dance Stronger Blog.

Get Packing!

Remember, it’s always better to be over prepared then under prepared. Plus having plenty of helpful tools backstage will also be great for your fellow dancers. What tips are you definitely going to remember for your next theater week?

The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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