My Top Five Rubiawear Warm Ups

My Top Five Rubiawear Warm Ups

Rubiawear is the next dancewear brand that I’ll be sharing my top five things from! Ever since I started dancing at a professional level these products have been my go-to for combining both style and effective warm-up material. I seriously do not know what I would do without them and it was so hard to only pick five but hopefully you’ll get a deeper look into some of the amazing products that this brand creates for the life of a dancer.

Burgundy Cora Wrap

If there is a warm-up that I cannot live without, it’s the Burgundy Cora Wrap. I never start company class without it tied around my waist to help warm up my lower back and hips. Plus, there’s so many other ways that you can wear it for your own unique style and needs.

Rubiawear ​
Rubiawear Cora Wrap

Silver Vika Top

Finally a long sleeve top that I can actually move in! The Silver Vika Top is a knit material that keeps your upper half warm without getting in the way of seeing your lovely lines. It’s short enough to allow access to your torso for partnering. The top’s sleeves are fitted and long for accentuating the beauty and movement of the arms. The Vika top is perfect for warming up and staying warm, and also works great as a layering piece, such as incorporating a Cora Wrap until your whole back is warm.

Rubiawear ​
Rubiawear Silver Vika Top

Morse Full Leg Warmers

I am so fortunate to have a wide collection of their full legwarmers, so it’s hard to just pick one favorite. But these Morse Full Leg Warmers won out because navy is one of my favorite colors and it’s so difficult to find! Additionally, the block pattern helps me match these leg warmers to multiple of my white and ivory leotards.

Rubiawear ​
Rubiawear Morse Full Leg Warmers

Siesta Blue Bella Skirt

Y’all know I am obsessed with dance skirts, so when Rubiawear made a warmup skirt I couldn’t wait to get one! This Siesta Blue Bella Skirt is a fun way to add pop of color with feminine styling along with warming up your hips!

Rubiawear Siesta Blue Bella Skirt

Barbie Pink Jumper

There is nothing my cozy than my Barbie Pink Jumper. It’s soft, comfy, and warms up my entire body in the most adorable way. Additionally, the Barbie pink is perfect for my girly style. It’s a ten out of ten!

Rubiawear Barbie Pink Jumper

That’s it!

It hope you loved looking into my favorite Rubiawear . I truly enjoy how creative this company is with finding unique ways to warm up dancers bodies in fashionable, fun way. If you want to learn even more about them, be sure to read more about this awesome brand in my Getting to Know Rubiawear blog!

Rubiawear ​
Rubiawear Jumpers
The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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