My Newest Products for Dance Supplies!

My New Products from Dance Supplies

Becoming a Dance Supplies Ambassador this year has been such an honor and a joy! It’s given me the opportunity to explore and try new products that are made for dancers and share my favorites with all of you! I’ve been blown away by the wide variety of products that Dance Supplies offers. Here are my top three new favorites!

Nikolay Adult Cynthia Leotard

This Cynthia style leotard in Tiffany blue exudes class with its smooth lines, delicately open back, and modern spirit. I’m obsessed with the mesh detail at the waist and 3/4 length sleeves! It creates such a stunning contrasts that will make this piece one to show off. It’s color is also perfect for the summer time!

Nikolay Cynthia Leotard in Tiffany Blue
Nikolay Cynthia Leotard in Tiffany Blue

Gaynor Minden Dancer Dots

Dance is way more enjoyable when your feet are not in pain. These soothing Dancers’ Dots from Gaynor Minden reduce irritation, help protect against blisters, and relieve pressure on sensitive areas of the foot. These protective gel cushions are composed almost entirely of water, yet are durable enough to withstand your longest days. Apply them on sensitive or blister prone areas by simply removing the back and taping it to your skin. Each jar from Dance Supplies contains 60 Medium and 30 Large Dots or you can get a mini pack, like I did, filled with 20 dots!

Gaynor Minden Dancers Dot
Gaynor Minden Dancers’ Dots

Makeup Eraser

Save money and help the environment by never buying another disposable makeup wipe again! Keep harsh chemicals away from your skin by removing your makeup with the reusable MakeUp Eraser. This MakeUp Eraser is an ultra-soft, proprietary blend of polyester, anti-bacterial cloth that with WATER ONLY removes 100% of your makeup. How amazing is that!? You read that correctly: it removes all waterproof, smear-proof mascara and makeup, including liquid eyeliner, blush, base, stage makeup, and even face paint! All you have to do is wet the cloth and remove your makeup. It’s like MAGIC! It is also machine-washable and is guaranteed to remain effective up to 1,000 washes. To make this cloth even cooler, while one side is designed to remove the makeup, the other side offers a longer weave to exfoliate your skin too. Your skin will be left with NO residue and feeling fresh and clean. Just one use and we know you’ll be obsessed just like me!

Makeup Eraser
Makeup Eraser

Which Will You be Buy?

I’m so in love with all three of these products. Whether you want to up your dance fashion, dance recovery, or dance makeup routine Dance Supplies really has you covered! Let me know which of these products you want most (links to each product are found by clicking the headings, italicized words, and pictures above) and share any of your newest dance related products that you me to check out next.

The Ballerina Bows
Love, Casey

Every Ballerina Needs to Take a Bow

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