My Newest Products for Dance Supplies!

My new favorite products from Dance Supplies.

5 Ways to Make Your Pointe Shoes Last

Pointe shoes are an essential but expensive part of being a classical dancer. Over my years of training I’ve learned how to maximize the life of my shoes so I’m feel strong, supported, and comfortable while dancing. Here are my five best tips for making your pointe shoes last! 1. Rotate Shoes Don’t try toContinue reading “5 Ways to Make Your Pointe Shoes Last”

10 Beauty & Make Up Tips!

Every Monday on social media I bring you Beauty & Makeup Monday Tips and Tricks! Today I’m sharing the my top ten best beauty hacks with all of you. These ten tricks of the trade will help you get and maintain a flawless look and will even teach you ways to save money on makeupContinue reading “10 Beauty & Make Up Tips!”