How I Sew My Pointe Shoes

How I sew my pointe shoes with added tips and hacks for sewing your shoes!

Getting to Know: Proteus Fitness

When most people think about dance related companies they usually think of dancewear and pointe shoes, but there are some fantastic businesses involved with dancer health and fitness. So I figured, why not share some of my favorites? And that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this edition of the blog series called GettingContinue reading “Getting to Know: Proteus Fitness”

My Eating Guide + Recipe Book

If my many years of dancing and now earning my nutritional certification from Cornell has taught me anything it’s that food is fuel! However, I always found it difficult to relate the average nutritional information to the ballet world. Most of the aspiring ballerinas spend their day in one of the most unforgiving outfits :Continue reading “My Eating Guide + Recipe Book”