Snack Smarter & Dance Stronger

Snack smarter and fuel your body as an athlete and dancer. I share the right way to fuel your workout and recovery by eating the right macronutrients at the right times. Plus I share all of my favorites go-to snack ideas!

My Eating Guide + Recipe Book

If my many years of dancing and now earning my nutritional certification from Cornell has taught me anything it’s that food is fuel! However, I always found it difficult to relate the average nutritional information to the ballet world. Most of the aspiring ballerinas spend their day in one of the most unforgiving outfits :Continue reading “My Eating Guide + Recipe Book”

Why I got my Nutrition Certificate

Growing up I basically knew next to nothing about eating healthy, my diet basically consisted of packaged food, sugary soda, and whatever Mom made for dinner. It wasn’t until I was thirteen that I really became serious about becoming a professional ballet dancer. Every person who’s ever made that career a goal seems to haveContinue reading “Why I got my Nutrition Certificate”